About Us

American Values First (AVF) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the core American values of a strong democracy through an educated and engaged electorate; to protect one of our most sacred freedoms – the right to vote; and to advance sensible policy solutions that strengthen our economy and meet the needs of a struggling middle class.

At AVF, we believe that the core promise underlying our economic system is access to the American Dream – that through hard work and education, all Americans can achieve economic success and security. 

The security afforded by the American Dream is threatened, however, when lack of access to affordable health insurance or lack of accountability for insurance providers leave middle class families vulnerable to medical bankruptcy.  It is threatened when short-sighted education cuts leave future generations unable to compete in a global marketplace – and therefore unable to sustain the middle class lifestyle their parents worked so hard to pass on to them.  And that security is threatened when our rights in the workplace, at the ballot box, and in other aspects of our lives are placed under attack.

Our mission at AVF, therefore, is to ensure the survival of a vibrant middle class by engaging and informing the public about critical policy discussions underway in their states.  We support or oppose legislation and referendums that make a difference in the lives of everyday Americans and, when necessary, we engage in political intervention as a secondary purpose of our organization.  At no time will our political program constitute our primary mission or account for a majority of our expenditures.

Finally, our primary method of engagement is through grassroots activism.  Working and middle class Americans have an important stake in the critical decisions being made on their behalf, and that makes them our most effective messengers as we seek to ensure that policymakers put our shared values – our American Values – First.

[For reference, our tax ID number is: 45-4597145]

[For media and other inquiries, please email news --AT -- americanvaluesfirst.org]